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Shop the Mercantile 

Hand-picked treasures and unique finds that we couldn't live without here at Soapweed Mercantile. 

Emily's Top Picks

The owner of Soapweed Mercantile, Emily, has picked out some of her all time favorite items in the shop. Each item available at the Mercantile has been hand-picked by Emily. 

Boho Style Bedroom

Witchy Vibes

Our favorite collection here at Soapweed Mercantile, a collection of items for the modern witch.

Wall Decor

Home Accents

Must have items for a modern home with a boho twist. 

Women's Jewelry 

Tarot, zodiac, stars, and moons. A unique collection of jewelry to add to any collection. Find amazing hand created items from all over the world. 


Men's Jewelry 

A unique collection of modern jewelry for Men. 

Gardening Collection

The collection that showcases our love of all things gardening, plants, and plant care. 

Happy Plant Owner

Gift Items

For that special someone in your life who loves all things astrolgy, tarot, boho, and plants. 

Duke Cannon for Men

An entire collection dedicated to our favorite line of Men's products, Duke Cannon.

Cologne, Soaps, Bodywash, and more.

Natural Soap
Beauty Products

Beauty Collection

A small collection of beauty items that we can't go without.

Greeting Cards

A unique collection of greeting cards, including cards that can be planted to grow flowers!

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