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Made of ceramic which is painted and then glazed, the burner is highlighted with embossed bees nestled amongst the flowers. The piece is then finished with a ceramic bee at the top, giving it a sweet touch. This wonderful wax burner is the best way to say hello to springtime and would make an amazing gift this mother's day. Why not gift this burner alongside her favourite wax melts? Simply pop wax melts or your favourite fragrance oil alongside a few drops of water into the dish and a lit tealight in the base. As the candle slowly warms the dish, your chosen fragrance will fill the room with a delicious scent! The perfect home accessory all year round, this wax melt burner is an ideal way to bring lovely aromas to your home in a unique way. Please place your wax melt burner on a heatproof surface at all times and wait for the burner and any wax or oil to completely cool before touching.

Floral Ceramic Wax Burner

SKU: 57128919
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